Dog Grooming profession - What can you earn?

Earn £800 per week

You could very quickly be earning in excess of £800 per week with repeat customers. Repay your investment in a matter of months and learn the skills within weeks by doing a short course.

Working on a daily average of 3-6 wash / grooming jobs per day, your weekly salary could be £800 per week. Therefore the van will repay your investment in a short period of time.

Here are some examples of how much you could typically charge...


Here are example prices for a variety of dog breeds. The price you charge can be dependant on the condition and temperament of the dog...

Breed Full Groom (with clippers) from... Hand stripping from...
Afgan £70.00
Airedale  £45.00 £60.00
American Cocker Spaniel £39.00
Bearded Collie £45.00
Bernese mountain dog £69.00
Border Collie  £39.00
Border Terrier - clip off £35.00 £39.00
Cairn Terrier - clip off  £35.00 £39.00
Cavalier  £35.00
Chihuahua £33.00
Chow Chow  £75.00
Cockapoo  £50.00
Cocker Spaniel - clip off £35.00 £40.00
Cross breeds £30.00
Dachshund £35.00
Dalmatian  £33.00
Fox Terrier  £39.00 £39.00
Giant Schnauzer  £45.00 £60.00
Golden Retriever  £39.00
Gordon Setter  £39.00
GSD long haired  £59.00
GSD Short-haired  £45.00
Irish Setter  £39.00
Labradoodle  £55.00
Labrador Retriever  £33.00
Leonburger  £75.00
Miniature Poodle  £35.00
Miniature Schnauzer £35.00 £40.00
Newfoundland  £69.00
Norfolk Terrier £35.00 £39.00
Old English Sheepdog  £55.00
Portuguese Water Dog  £55.00
Pug  £33.00
Rough Collie £49.00
Samoye  £75.00
Scottish Terrier  £35.00
Shih-Tzu  £35.00
Springer Spaniel - clip off £35.00 £40.00
St. Bernard  £75.00
Staffordshire £33.00
Standard Poodle  £45.00
Standard Schnauzer £39.00 £45.00
Tibetan Terrier  £39.00
Toy Poodle  £35.00
West Highland White-clip off £35.00 £39.00
Westie  £33.00 £43. 00
Yorkshire Terrier £33.00


Bath & Tidy

Recommended for in between full grooming sessions or for dogs who need minimum grooming. Includes wash, blow dry, eyes & hygiene trim (if applicable), nails clipped, ears and eyes cleaned.

Full Groom

Wash, blow dry, cut, style, nails clipped, ears and eyes cleaned.

Puppy Groom

Includes wash, blow dry, eyes & hygiene trim (if applicable), nails clipped, ears and eyes cleaned. £20 regardless of breed of dog, then 10% off their first full groom.

We advise that you get your new puppy used to being groomed from a young age, especially if it is a breed which will require regular grooming when it becomes an adult. Grooming can be stressful for a dog if it isn't used to the sound of clippers and dryers or being brushed and having its nails clipped. A lot of owners wait until their puppy is old enough to have their first full groom but this can be too late, with this in mind The Mobile Dog Groomers offer a Puppy Groom, this along with your hard work at home should help make the experience of grooming less stressful and more pleasurable for your dog, it will also mean that your dog is used to the groomer before they have a full groom


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